Are you an aspiring Afro-Swedish filmmaker, over the age of 16? Have you kicked around a story for a film in your head for awhile now?  Here is your chance to make your visions come true!


CinemAfrica is now opening our application process for an intensive 2 weeks filmmaking workshop that will aim to deepen knowledge for aspiring, young filmmakers in the areas of:

        • Writing
        • Filming and technical work
        • Directing
        • Editing
        • Funding and distribution


The workshop will take place in Stockholm from February 5-11th, locations to be announced.
The week afterwards will consist of filming and editing, which you will shedule yourself.


Applicants must:

          • Be over 16 years of age
          • Have working knowledge of the English language
          • Have a treatment or synopsis. The purpose of the workshop is to devolop that idé


Finalists will make a short 3-5 minute film which will be shown during CinemAfrica Film Festival.
*Prize to be announced

Sign up!

Please go here to complete the application
Deadline for applications: Januari 19th, 2018
For questions, please contact

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