Short film bundle 3X Egypt


Morad Mostafa / Short / Egypt / 19.55 min / 2021 / Arabic with English subtitles

Khadiga, young mother of 16 lives alone with her baby after her husband left for work in a remote city; in an ordinary day she makes her way through the hustle of Cairo streets to do some visits where she feels uncomfortable with the surroundings.
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What We Don’t Know About Mariam

Morad Mostafa / Short / Egypt / 25 min / 2021 / Arabic with English subtitles

Mariam goes to a public hospital with her husband and daughter; bleeding and suffering from a severe pain in her abdomen. After the medical examination things escalate between Mariam and her husband.
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Ahmed Abdelsalam / 2021 / Egypt / SHORT / 17 min / Arabic with English subtitles

Hours before her one way trip out, Nour‘s last night in cairo turns to be a troublesome journey of struggle with a patriarchal society and a fight within to keep her hidden secret.

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