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Defending Black Lives Opening Night: Black Joy

October 1st, kl. 19-20.30

Online event via Facebook
One solid hour of Afro-Beats, old school throwback RnB and HipHop to make you feel good with the brilliant Black Goddess DJ Wonekai, the young and vibrant talent making Stockholm sweat and twerk.This night is all about BLACK JOY as we celebrate community. We want to include your images of joy, so send in pictures that make you happy — friendships, love, family — anything that means something to you

Send pictures to:

Defending Black Lives Hip-Hop Meditation and Self-Care

Online event via CinemAfrica’s Facebook page

Throughout the festival period, join us for three 20 minute sessions of meditation led by Fattma Joaque. With love for music and holistic living, Fattma finds unique ways to introduce a health conscious lifestyle to her community by utilizing meditation and soothing frequencies.

Created to hold space for people of colour to feel comfortable and safe in exploring meditation with the familiarity of Hip-Hop. Low-fi beats carry us on a journey towards full presence and awareness. Designed to create a healing space for us to breathe and vibe to beats that move us deeper inwards.

Live screening of Finding Sally by Tamara Dawit

October 4th, kl. 17.15

Skarisbiografen in Skärholmen.

For tickets and information, please visit here

Join us for a special live screening of Finding Sally, a documentary depicting filmmaker Tamara Dawit as she goes on a journey to Ethiopia in order to discover the story of her missing aunt, a Communist rebel with the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party.

NOTE: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, seating is limited so please get your tickets early to ensure a spot.


Throughout the Fall, CinemAfrica will host free school cinema screenings at Skärisbiografen for students from grade 3 to the final year of gymnasium.

To learn more about the films being offered and how to book for your class or school, please go here

CinemAfrica will also offer a free digital screening of Dhalinyaro by Lula Ali Ismail (Djibouti) via the platform Festivalscope. To access this film for your students during our festival, October 1st-14th, please email with the name of your school and the number of students in order to get a rebate code.

Diversity, Inclusion And Film Criticism: Giving Audiences What They Really Want

October 7th

In collaboration with Filmrummet, we present a discussion of diversity within film criticism and the importance of traditionally under-represented critics — women and people of color. The aim of the panel is to listen to the experiences of established critics, identify innovative channels of criticism and audience engagement, and determine new Industry standards.



Valerie Complex is a military veteran, movie nerd, and freelance writer. A lover of Japanese animation, comics, and all things film, she is passionate about inclusion across all entertainment mediums. (USA)

Katarina Hedren is a film curator and critic based in Johannesburg. (South Africa)

Dr. Mark A. Reid is a professor at University of Florida and editor of African American Cinema Through Black Lives Consciousness and author of Redefining Black Film. (USA)

Dr. Shaibu Husseini is a journalist, performing artist and film curator regularly contributing to The Guardian. (Nigeria)

Imagining A New Swedish Film Industry

October 8th, kl. 15-16.00

CinemAfrica and Film i Väst invites you to a webinar devoted to discovering how underrepresented filmmakers and narratives can feature more clearly within the Swedish film landscape. The purpose of this webinar is to find opportunities for decision-makers to locate emerging voices and intersectional storytelling, so as to create a diverse film repertoire that reflects more accurately an updated image of Sweden. How can we reinvigorate Swedish film and cinema by attracting new audiences while retaining the older base?

Please OSA here

Featured Speakers:

Melanie Hoyes, Industry Inclusion Executive, British Film Institute

Mel Jones, Writer and Director, Invisible Collective

CinemAfrica x Afro-Swedish History Week

October 6th, kl. 18

Live Screening!

Wax Fabric: 1 Fabric, 4 Continents, 200 Years Of History by Aiwan Obinyan, 98 mins, 2018

Place: Capitol Bio

Ticket Link: HERE
Ticket price 80 SEK

Svarta Tråden/Black Thread – Wax & Weave

An evening showcasing African fashion and asthetics from wax to weave with Aiwan Obinyan’s feature film and two new short films by King Kunta.
The evening will open with the premiere of two short movies created by King Kunta and dedicated to fashion creators Imane Ayissi and Amah Ayivi. The films have been produced by the French Institute in Sweden in the framework of the Black Thread exhibition that will open at the Världskulturmuseet in Goteborg on October 6th.

For this event, CinemAfrica takes part in a larger collaboration between Ethnografiska, the French Institute in Sweden and Just Africa during Afro-Swedish History Week which will run in various locations from October 3rd to October 11th.

Please note that due to restrictions enforced for the safety of the public during Covid-19, seating is limited and only 50 people are permitted in the salon at one time.



Building The Anti-Racist Workplace

October 16th, kl.9 - 12

It’s ok to see colour — we all do. It’s not ok to discriminate because of it.

Being Black in the Swedish private sector means you earn up to 36% less than the rest of the population.

59% of employees in big Swedish tech companies who have been discriminated against in the workplace say it’s because of the colour of their skin, their language or nationality. 

Let’s change this!

CinemAfrica and Another Tomorrow invite you to participate in a collaborative workshop on equity, belonging and growing. This is the time to finally make a change and build an anti-racist workplace.

Through co-creation, we will set a joint vision and prototype best practice scenarios which we commit to turning into reality. Let’s pledge to turn our words into actions – it’s better for business and important for our common future.

October 16th / 9 am-12pm

Interested in joining or knowing more? Email:


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