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Collective memory

Nancy Ofori/ 2022 / Sweden / Short / 9.05 min/ Swedish

Collective Memory is a lyrical exploration of Black identity, heritage and the lingering memory of slavery.

A young woman finds herself by the water, reflecting on forgotten kingdoms and beauty of the continent. However, as she hears drums from the deep she becomes overwhelmed by the trauma the water holds. Through the guidance of her ancestors, she moves towards healing and the realisation that she is never alone.

Collective Memory is an experimental short film based ’The Water’, a poem written by the director in 2020 in memory of the abolishing of the transatlantic slave trade in Sweden on the 9 oktober 1847.
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Samy Sidali / 2020 / France / Fiction / 19 min / Arabic with English subtitles

Jmar alchahwa جمر الشهوة: a piece of red coal. It’s a metaphor used to describe a feeling that warms up, gives pleasure but can hurt if you get too close.

On the beach of Mohammedia, a small coastal town in Morocco, Khaled sells horse rides to passers-by. He hangs out with his friends; they are in their twenties and fantasize about a sexuality that is forbidden to them. That day, Khaled meets someone and finds himself caught between the reality of his world and a burning desire that he can’t control.
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Joash Omondi / 2022 / Fiction / Kenya / 18 min / Swahili, English with English subtitles

A domestic worker and her colleagues diligently perform their daily duties, cleaning homes and keeping the secrets of their wealthy employers. Despite unwavering resilience and shared moments of calm, the physical demands of this labour begin to take their toll.
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