Short film bundle 3X Mood/ 30 OCT 18:45

Twin Lakes Haven

Philbert Aimé Mbabazi / 2021 / Rwanda / Short / 24 min / Swahili with english subtitles

In a lone house by the twin lakes in northern Rwanda, a young mysterious woman spends a few days with a couple. Along her short stay, her growing ties with one of them slowly pulls them together.
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A bath in my mothers womb

Mona Namer, Sofia Aedo Zahou / Short / 20.25/ 2021 / Sweden

A Bath In My Mother’s Womb is an experimental short that through dance, explores the stages of birth, chaos and stillness.
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Moja Robinson / 2022 / USA / Short / 4.41 min / English with Bantu Subtitles

Ujamaa”, the Swahili word for extended family, explores black masculinity.
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