This week screenings!

We are so excited to have these beautiful films in our programme.

One of this year’s films is the 60-minute international music documentary Above and beyond the global rise of afro house by Naomi Phillips. The documentary traces the origins of afro house and explores its promising present and future, as it takes the audience on a journey across continents.

Another is Harki by Philippe Faucon a feature film who plays out during the Algerian War (1954-1962), many impoverished young Algerian men, known as « Harkis », volunteered to join the French Army. Salah and Kaddour find themselves under the orders of Lieutenant Pascal. But as the conflict draws to an end, the prospect of independence looms. The outlook for Harkis seems bleak. Lieutenant Pascal confronts his superiors, insisting that every single man in his platoon must be evacuated to France.

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