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About us

Founded in 1998, CinemAfrica is a non-profit organization devoted to celebrating African and Diaspora cultures through a yearly film festival, film club, Industry events and pedagogical experiences.

CinemAfrica aims to offer a nuanced and current image of Africa to Swedish and Nordic audiences with the hopes of entertaining and activating!


CinemAfrica relies on a strong membership base that can positively influence and strengthen the course of the organization towards its goals. Regular membership costs 150 kr annually, while students and pensioners pay 100 kr annually.

Members are given priority passes to the festival, invited to two free screenings a year and receive our monthly newsletter.

To buy membership, you can pay via Plus Giro Account

725 82-0 or SWISH 123 02 91 450

Contact Address
Bergsunds Strand 39
Box 17099
SE-104 62 Stockholm


Francine Agbodjalou

Hibaakh Jamac

Issraa El-Kogali Häggström

Antonio Tengroth

CinemAfrica’s Programme Group

Anthia Nibitegeka
André Taylor
Hawa Sanneh
Luwam Zeru
Senait Tesfai 

Film texts by Johan Palme
Graphic design and web development by Spektra

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Denna produktion har finansierats av SIDA genom ForumCiv. SIDA/ForumCiv delar inte nödvändigtvis de åsikter som här framförs. Ansvaret för innehållet är uteslutande producentens.

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